Monday, August 26, 2013

Starting New

I have decided to change the direction of this blog. The new direction is one I think everyone who makes doll clothes will enjoy reviewing for it's content.
  Some years ago, I made a cloth doll and then made a wardrobe for her with as many different clothing embellishments as I could think of using. I gave a talk on this at a UFDC doll convention in Great Falls, Mt. I think it would be worth doing again, only this time I will share the doll pattern, and all the design techniques for the clothes with the patterns. I will explain each embellishment so you can finish the garment for your doll, and hopefully understand how to do each one.
  The clothes will all be my own designs/patterns. If I should every use a pattern of someone else's design, I will post that info and it will be up to you to purchase it from that person or company.
  I will also be throwing in embroidery and stitching techniques that I have gathered over the years. Some of which are in danger of being lost.
  Nothing is mandatory and everything will be based on your supplies as to what color or print of fabric etc that you use. As it will often be impossible to repeat exactly what I use, follow your own desires or use something from that color pathway. Sometimes I will state "use this solid color" and list it for you. Prints are a different story.If I use  a yellow ducky printed fabric, and you only have yellow bears… try it and see if it works. Most often it will.
  As this ongoing project will only cost you what you want to spend to create the design samples, please don't copy my work. Just direct others to this blog. Make it and share it, or sell it. I give permission to sell anything you make from these designs, but not to reproduce my work or explanation and then sell that. I will be copywriting all of it, to protect myself. Do not download and print out to sell. Thats not nice, or legal.
  If at any time you don't understand something, please send me an email and I will do my best to help you. So, next post…. here comes the doll.

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