Tuesday, December 10, 2013

More than a ruffle….

There are many ways to use lace on a doll's dress, however it is more than just a ruffle at the bottom.
You can gather it, pleat it, lay it flat and use as a decorative motif { know as appliqués} or, cut from yardage to cover the whole dress. I always line the dress when it's made from an allover patterned yardage. I don't like raw edges showing. But that's just me.
   One can also combine lace with other things to create a pleasing design. Such as sewing a gather lace {and never use a pre gathered lace. It's to bulky to work well.} However one can remove the binding from a gathered piece of lace by pulling the thread at one end and unraveling it. Then you can gather it down on your dress, and cover the raw edge with ribbon, sewn on top. Or sew several rows of lace, one just covering the top of the layer below. Then use ribbon , braid, rickrack, or another piece of lace with two flat edges called insertion lace. The flat edge covering the gathered lace edge.
  One can even embroider a design of a couple of different stitches and different colors to cover the raw edge or on top of the ribbon covering the raw edge. We'll get into embroider at a later time. Next on the list is using several different kinds of lace and layering or stacking them one on top of the other in a stair step fashion. Victorians loved their lace, and there are many fine examples in books and museums.
  By spending some time looking at different designs the needle experts of the past used, it will give you a better idea and inspire you to try your hand in a more intricate design.
One can hand create lace by crocheting a design, and also knitting a lace. There are many books with simple designs I am sure one can master very quickly. It just takes making the effort. And always that reward of seeing your own creation. Something to take pride in, for sure.
  I might add here to take a delicate approach when using lace and keep your stitches under control, with a fine touch. It never pays to be sloppy. Just a bit more time.
  And it only takes practice.

Until next time…. try a different accent.

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