Monday, December 2, 2013

Start at the beginning...

  Before I begin something new, I like to do a little research, and I start by looking up some words associated with what I want to learn. The dictionary is good for more then just spelling. And I hope you will see my point when you have read this post.
  We are looking into the art of embellishing doll clothes.

Embellish - To make beautiful, to adorn, beautify, to decorate.

Embellishment- The act of adorning. That which is embellishes . That which renders anything pleasing to the eye or agreeable to the taste. Adornment, ornament, decoration.

 OK… so now we have a couple of more words to look up.

  Adorn- To beautify, to decorate, to set off to advantage. Embellish, to add to attractiveness of / by dress or ornament.

Ornament- That which embellishes or adorns. Something which added to another thing., renders it more beautiful to the eye.

Ornate- richly & artistically finished

Decoration- To deck with something becoming or ornamental, to beautify, to embellish.

Beautify- to make or render beautiful, to adorn, to decorate.

Beauty- An assemblage of perfections through which an object is rendered pleasing to the eye or the mind. loveliness, grace, elegance

So here we have a connection foundation upon which to build. We all know what it means to embellish something, and have a pretty good idea what is and isn't connected to that art. I find it interesting to see how these words describe and connect to one another, although they don't mean the same thing. But they all describe what we are about to venture down a rabbit hole to find.

Some of the arts I am fairly good at doing and some like most things, one has to practice at in order to  remain good. I don't do some of the things as often as I would like to do, so some ideas that I will generate will be up to you to find out all the in and outs on how to do it. With the internet and so many books available I must leave some for you to work on or I will never get though the very long list I wish to present for you further consideration.
  Also as I am working on a slim body 18" doll, and everyone else will have their own dolls to work on {both side and shape} it will work out better for me to just share the embellishment and leave it up to you to choose the pattern on which you want to work.
  I have not found a way to make anything available for download from this blog. If that changes in the future I will count that as a plus and of course use it.
In  the mean time, choose your own patterns and doll with which to work. I will try to provide links to how-to's  that will explain techniques for you. I think once you start to look, you will find lots of references in your own books.
  So, lets get started with the very next post. I hope to keep things in some semblance of order and group things together. I can't however make it a promise. lol.

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